Meeting 24/11/2015: Development workflow, tools and practices: results

Thank you all for joining us at the latest CUG meeting and you can find the presentations below.

We found it very useful to discuss the challenges in development with all the members. Our goal is to extend this further in future meetings to provide answers to your questions and exchange tips and ideas.

Btw, don’t miss the opportunity to enter modern application development by taking the EWD.js online training course using the voucher distributed yesterday at the meeting. If you were not able to attend the meeting yesterday and you want a voucher, just ask me by e-mail to send you the link. When you plan to take the course(s) on Udemy, don’t forget to sign up before 15/12/2015 with your e-mail address (once you signed up you can take the course anytime you like and get back to it as many times as needed).

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2 Responses to Meeting 24/11/2015: Development workflow, tools and practices: results

  1. Een van de topics ging over kursussen, hier zijn mijn favoriete on-line kursussen ivm web-technologie : : JavaScript, jQuery, Angular.js, … : JavaScript, Angular.js, html, SQL, …
    Beide bieden een aantal gratis kursussen aan, en een aanbod betalende (via maandelijks abonnement)

  2. wdbacker says:

    If you want to read more about writing modern applications using current JavaScript frameworks, Node.js / EWD.js and Caché, you can check out my personal blog at

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