Meeting 06/02/2019: IDE’s, DevOps and the future

At the next InterSystems Benelux Summit at Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel Antwerp, we kindly invite you to join us for our next CUG meeting at the second day of the summit (from 16:30 to 18:30). Participation to the user group and meetings is free of charge!

This meeting will again be as interactive as possible, so please don’t hesitate to exchange your experiences with the other CUG members!


  • examples of working with third-party IDE’s
  • development strategies & test environments
  • the future: Caché and/or IRIS?

We would like to ask all CUG members prior to this meeting to participate and suggest topics you’d like to be covered. We will discuss your ideas at this meeting. Thanks!

If you have questions about this meeting or suggestions for future topics, please contact the CUG.

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3 Responses to Meeting 06/02/2019: IDE’s, DevOps and the future

  1. Bert Sarens says:

    I suggest you add the visual studio code demo from john murray and from Dmitry Maslennikov to the CUG meeting

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