Now Live: InterSystems Virtual Summit 2020

This year’s virtual edition of InterSystems’ annual conference reduces your travel time from 10+ hours of queuing and semi-napping in planes and airports to mere minutes or even seconds to reach your comfy Benelux couch or desk chair 🙂

Keynote sessions on product and industry topics are screening this week, with focus sessions and experience labs following next week. If you haven’t already, you can still register (for free) and enjoy the latest on InterSystems Data Platforms technology from the comfort of your WFH environment.

As you’ve probably experienced over the past half year, interaction and participation can be challenging during these virtual events, so InterSystems has a number of different channels through which you can share your ideas, feedback and questions. Next to the event platform‘s Lounge and per-session chat boxes, you can also submit your questions for the scheduled Q&A sessions with the InterSystems Data Platforms team upfront, through So no sun-drenched patio BBQ in Florida this year, but you are free to grill your favourite InterSystems experts digitally!

Looking forward to see you there, or at the next safe opportunity to get together in person again!

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