Announcement: example article series on web app development

On the InterSystems Developer Community, you can find an example article series on modern web app development. The series starts from scratch and should allow anyone without prior knowledge to install and test a small web app with modern JavaScript technologies.

It shows you step-by-step how to install a Node.js development environment first and create a small React app connecting to Caché. At the front-end, the example is using React and different kinds of back-ends integrated with Caché are covered in the example.

Don’t forget to check it out and give your feedback!


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Training: online development resources

A list of websites containing a lot of development resources:

This list will be updated on a regular basis.

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Meeting 29/11/2016: JavaScript eats the world! – results

Thank you all for joining us at the latest CUG meeting and you can find the presentations below.

If you want to start developing in JavaScript with Caché and Node.js using the latest technologies, I can also recommend reading the blog post about EWD 3 and the excellent EWD 3 Node.js training courses (click on the “training” link at the top).

Don’t forget to join and watch the InterSystems Developer Community for more “getting started” and in-depth posts about development in JavaScript (filter on JavaScript, JSON). New posts will be announced here as well.

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Meeting 29/11/2016: JavaScript eats the world!

On the next meeting on Tuesday 29th November 2016, kindly hosted by InterSystems Benelux at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Antwerp, we would like to focus on JavaScript application development with Caché. We welcome you to this interesting meeting. Participation to the user group and meetings is free of charge!

The goal of this meeting is to show you how you can use the latest popular JavaScript development frameworks and tools with Caché. You will get an overview of the current development landscape and see some demo’s of the same ToDo application with different frameworks/technologies. This meeting will be as interactive as possible, so please don’t hesitate to exchange your experiences with the other CUG members!


  • 18:00 Welcome with sandwiches

  • 18:30 “JavaScript eats the world”: introduction and technological overview (Ward De Backer)

  • 19:00 Possible bindings to Caché (CSP, Ajax, REST, Node.js) (Alain Houf)

  • 19:30 Demo’s of a Todo app using different approaches/frameworks:

    1. “Vanilla” JS: plain HTML, JavaScript, REST calls to Caché (Alain Houf)
    2. Sencha ExtJS: monolithic framework, REST calls to Caché using ExtJS data layer (Marc Umans)
    3. AngularJS: monolithic framework, REST calls to Caché using Angular (Danny Wijnschenk)
    4. React: view framework, Redux/ImmutableJS (state & data), EWD 3 WebSockets/Ajax calls with Node.js, CSP REST calls to Caché (Ward De Backer)
  • 21:00 Closing & socializing

We would like to ask all CUG members prior to this meeting to participate and suggest future topics you’d like to be covered. We will discuss your ideas at the end of this meeting. Thanks!

If you have questions about this meeting or suggestions for future topics, please contact the CUG.

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Meeting 16/06/2016: SQL, Document DB, Developer Community, interactive discussions: results

Thank you all for joining us at the latest CUG meeting and you can find the presentations below.

We found it very useful to discuss the challenges in development with all the members. Our goal is to extend this further in future meetings to provide answers to your questions and exchange tips and ideas.

I will post more articles and code samples in the near future about the PDF Library integration, IoT and more on the InterSystems Developer Community in the near future, you will find them easily there (browse by member on Ward De Backer).

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Meeting 16/06/2016: SQL, Document DB, Developer Community, interactive discussions

At the next InterSystems Benelux Summit in Beveren, we kindly invite you to join us for our next CUG meeting at the second day of the summit.


  • 10:00 Welcome: objectives of this CUG meeting
  • 10:10 Find and fix slow SQL query’s
  • 10:50 Using Document DB in Caché Object Script, SQL & REST by Alain Houf & Danny Wijnschenk
  • 11:40 Learning & support, new Developer Community portal by Evgeny Shvarov
  • 11:55 Interactive discussion: hot topics to be covered this year (Atelier, security, …), system integration and server monitoring (demo by Ward), use of modern technology with existing systems, …
  • 12:45 Lunch break
  • 14:00 End of this CUG meeting

See you all at the meeting!

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Announcement: new InterSystems Development Community portal

InterSystems just launched a very useful community portal which brings together all sorts of information about the different InterSystems technologies.

I would strongly encourage everyone to become a member of the community (just use your existing WRC login).

The new community portal can be found at:

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